Education is the most important instrument for human resource development. Child, who is a future citizen,is the first stake holder to the right of education. Education enables an individual to respond to opportunities if available or look for them wherever they are available. Education can change life circumstances for the better.

In case any dropout is identified during the drives, the parents are counseled and the child is motivated to join school. Already existing students of deprived community are encouraged to continue studies by organizing different sports, cultural, competitive programmes and also, prizes are distributed to the winners.

Economic resources are highly related to school dropout rates, but the relationship appears to be indirect. Many at-risk factors are related to family income - parents' education, single parenting, academic achievement, behavior problems and school attendance. Parent attitudes are clearly related to student engagement in learning. Parents of dropouts are more likely to view school negatively, to have minimal involvement with school and to place little value on school attendance and achievement.

Siblings as well as parents are likely to influence a student's decision to drop out of school -students who have a sibling who dropped out of school are at much higher risk of dropping out themselves. Families from diverse cultures and families whose primary language is not English also face additional barriers to school engagement that appear to place students at-risk for dropping out. School personnel may misunderstand customs and parenting styles as lack of interest in schooling, and fail to identify appropriate and effective means of promoting parent involvement in education. These students are more likely to experience alienation and to disengage from the school setting.


--> Conducted Children’s Day on November 14th, 2014 at Government Primary School, Indira Nagar, Ootpally. About 30 volunteers participated. Sports and cultural programmes were organized among the students of two primary government schools, numbering 90. Special lunch was also arranged. All students were gifted with pencil boxes, pencils, erasers and rulers.

--> Teachers’ Day was grandly celebrated on 5th September, 2015 in the two Government Primary schools at Ootpally. Students were distributed with gift boxes comprising each of pencil box, pencil,eraser and ruler.Special lunch with sweets was also arranged. Volunteers and students had lots of fun.

--> Celebrated Children’s Day on November 14th, 2015 at the two Government Primary schools of Ootpally.25 volunteers and a few donors also attended the activity. The following articles were distributed amongst the kids:

-- School kits (100), Meal plates(300), Water filters, Ceiling fan, Bicycles, Sports equipments etc.

Prizes were given to all the winners in sports events and cultural programs. Sahayata also arranged special lunch and volunteers and donors eagerly participated in distributing food to the happy kids. Sahayata also sponsored prizes to 550 students of Zilla Parishad High School, Kapra who won in the sports events conducted during Children’s Day, 2015.

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