Family Counseling Centre

Family Counseling Centres play a very important role. These centres with the backing of the law, the government and the police can be powerful deterrents to crimes against women because they form a support system for women and they have the resources to help women bring the culprits.

The family is the most important unit of society. The primary focus at the centre is to ensure the well-being, sanctity and stability. When people with marital or family problems approach us, our priority is to help the family overcome their differences and to promote cordial relationship between the members so that the family problems is restore.

Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens, Old Age Home To provide a Day Care Center for the elderly group of our community who are either neglected, have no children or left by their families to look after them to provide a sense of dignity, self respect self reliance and self confidence so as to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, these senior people lose interest from their life as well as self respect and they feel lonely and unwanted. The idea behind this project to share their lifelong experiences to each other and provide relief from loneliness.

--> Provision of basic facilities like Tables and Chairs, Meal Plates, School Bags, etc, for the Children of Government Schools.

--> Health & Nutrition Benefits to the under privileged Children.

--> To conduct Training Programs to the Unemployed Youth.

--> Awareness Program on Health and Hygiene to adoloscent Girls.

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Volunteers have been supporting the work of Sahayata since its beginning. With the volunteers support our team of staff has able to support the society. Our volunteers come from varied backgrounds i.e., students, housewives, IT professionals or senior citizens.
The volunteer program of the Sahayata is based on a reciprocal model that ensures that the needs of the volunteer are taken into account. We welcome people of all ages, from all walks of life, with all levels of education and from all parts of the wider community. Becoming a volunteer for the Sahayata. We are constantly looking for volunteers like you who can help us.

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