Sahayata endeavour to empower the youth from underprivileged families by developing skills, leading to employability and therefore providing a sustainable platform. It tries to provide skill based training to beneficiaries from the age groups of 16 to 28 years. Most of the slum clusters belong to migrant population and don’t have access to education, health care & training opportunities; as a result they remain unemployed. In addition to these problems, the biggest hurdle they face is the inability to communicate an overall ideal impression to prospective employers. We have identified this as the ‘most integral & required skill’ when seeking employment and enhancing employability.

To remedy this problem, to expand our work in enhancing employability this acts as a platform for beneficiaries by providing them with basic skills such as communication/vocational, soft skill, personality development, spoken English and also facilitating in starting their career which increase their chances of being gainfully employed at entry level jobs in various fields, enabling them to support their education and their family. The skills imparted in these training programs equip each individual with the ability to project an overall positive impression on potential employers.
Our Objectives: To empower lives by identifying, mobilizing and enrolling target individual for the training.
To enhance employability skills by quality training.
To enhance livelihoods by providing job placement opportunities.

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Volunteers have been supporting the work of Sahayata since its beginning. With the volunteers support our team of staff has able to support the society. Our volunteers come from varied backgrounds i.e., students, housewives, IT professionals or senior citizens.
The volunteer program of the Sahayata is based on a reciprocal model that ensures that the needs of the volunteer are taken into account. We welcome people of all ages, from all walks of life, with all levels of education and from all parts of the wider community. Becoming a volunteer for the Sahayata. We are constantly looking for volunteers like you who can help us.

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